Artist Statement

I believe that art is a gateway that allows imagination to wander the world in search for “what if” moments. Moments that push creative boundaries and unleash a connection in time between an artist and an art lover. 

The subject matter and creation process of each body of my work aims to spark a meaningful conversation that encourages viewers to unveil their own story within my art. The bits and pieces discovered during my travels create the stories that are reflected in my design elements. 

In addition to being drawn to the history of items, I gravitate towards shapes, colors, layers, and overall movement. It is through this discovery process that I can ensure that every piece created is the one and only. 

A full-time mixed media glass artist since 2015, my creative journey of giving found objects a second life and my attention to detail are fed by my prior career as a professional organizer. 

As a storyteller, I continue to explore different processes and take inspiration from the world around me. I remain mindful that, while I purposefully put myself into each creation and story, my art is created for someone other than myself.

Brought up in Wyoming, my journey as an artist officially took root in the mountain community of Idyllwild, California.  In 2019 I moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. My art is in private collections throughout the United States.